TERMINATE - Ascending To Red Heavens

Category: CD


Country:United States
Genre:Death Metal
Label:Selfmadegod Records
Type:Full Length
Release Year:2013







Debut album of Illinois-based horde TERMINATE. 9 songs of old school death metal the way it was meant to be played. Taking influences from death metal stalwarts BOLT THROWER and AUTOPSY, while maintaining a melodic sensibility akin to Swedish greats DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED is what defines TERMINATE sound.

Consisting of veterans of the Chicago metal scene as well as the New York metal scene, the band has quickly made a name for itself, catching the attention of not only within their home city of Chicago, but also a core of underground fans across the world.

The cover illustration was completed by Raul Gonzalez (MASTER, MORBUS CHRON).

"A very great debut, it recalls lots of great memories and makes me relive those early years!" - Lords Of Metal (80/100)