INSANIAC "Terminal Madness" (Cult Reissue Series)

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"an Armored Saint of the East Coast","A Ton of TNT and a California earthquake packed in one room". INSANIAC, an american thrash metal band from 1984 is ready to re-issued all of their early stuffs by ADP productions in September 2013.

They've released several Demos between 1985 and 1990 which already become the prey for real thrashers and collecters.



Inventing the name INSANIAC in 1984 and spreading it globally over the years, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind to whom the name truly belongs. The real members of INSANIAC, Eddie 'Scortly' Sciortino, Tom 'Sarge' Nolz, CJ Scioscia, Tom Medcraft and Pat Hamel, are proud of the band's accomplishments, its history, and most of all, its music. Any of you posers out there that feel you're entitled to call yourselves INSANIAC should go fuck yourselves. Then go listen to the raw power of the true INSANIAC sound and realize what a fucking loser you are. This is the band that created the name and these are the psycho metal fiends that lived up to it, back in the glory days of the underground metal movement -- when the force of metal became stronger and more widespread than ever before or since, and launched the bands that changed the face of music forever. We don't care if you squatters out there think that if you wait long enough, the real INSANIAC will just go away...well, it ain't gonna happen in your lifetime, jerk-offs, because as long as the memory survives in any one of us, we'll keep the original INSANIAC alive. The Return to Insanity rages on! ADP will re-issue INSANIAC full discography as Double CD pack. Remasterd and Deluxe packing.

Release Date: 15th Sep 2013